Successfully achieving your deal objectives requires proactively identifying workforce issues with the same rigour as all other strategic elements. This includes evaluating the skills and behaviours required to make the deal work.

人的专业知识. 持续的性能.

In a world characterised by business model disruption, inorganic growth strategies are increasingly critical to success. 面对来自各方的投资者压力, the current dynamic deal environment requires a combination of knowhow and effective execution to deliver sustainable value today, 明天和未来. It also demands a dynamic mergers and acquisitions strategy.

得益于我们的全球规模和本地足迹, 美世拥有商业头脑, deal experience and people expertise to solve your toughest people challenges — we can work anywhere in the world and act at a moment’s notice. 我们的目标是帮助您实现价值最大化, mitigate risk and moderate costs to capture the full value of your deal.

我们客户的多样性——就规模而言, 成熟, industry sector and geographic location — means we can collaborate with all types of organisations to tackle a broad range of issues. Simply put, we know what needs to be done — when, how, why and by whom. We can work with you to manage the most complex deals, streamlining every step of the process to drive growth and help your business soar to new heights.












Our global advisers work with corporate acquirers and financial investors on both the buy and sell sides of M&一个交易. Let us help you mitigate your most difficult workforce risks by leveraging our extensive human capital expertise alongside our global insights and world-class capabilities across all lines of business.


  • 投资论文研究
  • M&准备情况评估
  • M&剧本发展
  • M&A Ready™培训


  • 人力资本尽职调查
  • 分离勤奋
  • M&一、人才洞见


  • 集成计划
  • 分离规划
  • 转型计划
  • 项目管理办公室
  • M&一、人才洞见


  • 第一天准备就绪
  • 集成管理
  • 转换服务协议支持
  • 分离管理
  • M&一、人才洞见
  • 协同捕获

Driving long-term deal success requires thoughtful and well-executed integration. Building on the findings of due diligence, our approach to integration planning includes:

  • Developing a comprehensive integration strategy and roadmap to deliver on the end-state vision for Day One and beyond 
  • 建立项目治理原则, 包括那些与决策有关的, 问题升级和沟通 
  • Understanding and identifying the critical components of the cultures of both organisations, and developing an integration approach that will maintain them
  • Outlining a communication and change-management strategy to support the new operating environment

提供更高的交易价值, buyers and sellers need workforce expertise combined with real-world, practical and tactical execution experience on a global scale. 这就是我们所提供的.

In a world characterised by business model disruption, inorganic growth strategies are increasingly critical to success. We have the business acumen, deal experience and people expertise to solve your toughest M&一个挑战. 我们可以在接到通知后立即行动.

资产剥离 can unlock hidden shareholder value and generate cash to fund growth and innovation. Paying close attention to workforce risks can maximise sale price, 提高销售速度,提高盈利能力.

Successful turnarounds require both financial restructuring and planned operational recovery. Aligning human capital strategy with strategic objectives is crucial for success.

合资企业和战略联盟 provide quicker results than building an entirely new business. They also appear to present less complex logistical challenges than acquisitions. 但战略目标不一致, 不清楚治理, 歪斜的经营模式, indistinct workforce strategies and cultural mismatches can lead to underperformance.

Heightened competition means buyers often have to commit without performing adequate due diligence, 减轻风险, determining compliance issues or fully developing post-merger integration plans. 美世’s project management operations (PMO) approach combines world-class process management with real-time consulting. The result is the rapid identification and mitigation of risk.
  • 员工的策略
    Determine critical roles and the talent needed to drive success. 制定劳动力战略,以解决任何差距.
  • 运营模式
    制定你的未来战略和运营模式, 包括组织设计, 治理和决策权.
  • 人才评估、保留和入职
    通过评估人才使交易成功最大化, 识别和选择领导者, 并保留关键技能.
  • 变更管理和沟通
    Conduct change management planning and integration focused on moving key stakeholders from both entities.
  • 文化
    识别文化风险以达成交易目标, and build a comprehensive integration strategy and operating environment.
  • 人才的见解
    采用基于人工智能的方法来理解技能, 在交易前确定风险和保留影响, 制定并购后人才战略.
  • 人力资源技术
    Create the HR delivery platform required to support strategic objectives.
  • 全球福利和政策
    理解、调整和优化福利计划. We do this in more than 150 countries and for organisations of all sizes.
  • 奖励
    确定是否执行, sales and general incentives help achieve synergies between organisations.
  • 退休
    Understand, align and optimise pension plans, and mitigate associated risk globally.